Zuck roasts the Apple headset again

Zuck roasts the Apple headset again

In a recent exchange on Threads, the Meta CEO engaged in a conversation with Benedict Evans, a partner at Mosaic Ventures, discussing the tradeoffs in Apple's VR headset compared to Meta's own Quest device.

Evans pointed out the perceived limitations of Apple's Vision Pro, suggesting that while it aligns with what Meta aims to achieve in the future, the Quest offers a better product currently, especially considering its price point.

Responding to Evans, the Meta CEO clarified that they don't claim the devices are identical but argue that the Quest is superior. He emphasized that if Meta's devices were to match Apple's specifications in the future, it would represent a regression due to various tradeoffs.

The CEO highlighted that while Apple's device boasts higher resolution, it comes at the expense of other features, making it inferior overall. He stressed that Meta doesn't aspire to compromise on product quality in the same manner.

Both Meta and Apple have yet to comment on the exchange.

Despite Apple's reported sales success with over 200,000 units of Vision Pro sold since January, Meta's Quest has outsold it significantly, with over 20 million units sold between 2019 and February 2023. 

Meta's Reality Labs division also achieved a milestone of crossing $1 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2023, largely attributed to strong holiday sales of the Quest.

Evans and the Meta CEO further discussed the advantages and disadvantages of Apple's higher-resolution device, ultimately concluding that Apple's decision to prioritize resolution over ergonomics and motion blur may not be a clear victory, especially considering the Quest's already impressive resolution.

This exchange on social media is part of a series of comments by the Meta CEO critiquing Apple's Vision Pro, expressing dissatisfaction with its price, specifications, and overall vision compared to Meta's objectives.

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