How To Change Privacy Settings On WhatsApp

How To Change Privacy Settings On WhatsApp

In the ever-expanding digital realm, privacy is not a luxury but a necessity. It serves as a safeguard against potential exploits by hackers who target vulnerabilities. Browsing history, social media interactions, and location data, if mishandled, can lead to issues such as targeted advertising, identity theft, or even physical harm.

WhatsApp provides various privacy features, and the decision to adjust settings depends on personal comfort and online risk tolerance. Reviewing and tweaking these settings can offer increased control over personal information and minimize spam and harassment. Here's a guide on changing WhatsApp privacy settings for Android, iPhones, and the web.

By default, WhatsApp allows

  • Any user to see your profile photo, read receipts, and online status.
  • Your contacts to view your status updates, about information, and last seen timestamp.
  • Any users to add you to groups.
  • Users with whom you've interacted before can see your last seen and online status.

To change privacy settings

  • Tap on more options.
  • Go to Settings and then Privacy.

In Privacy settings, users can customize

  • Who can see Last Seen and Online status.
  • Who can view the Profile Photo.
  • Who can access About information.
  • Who can see Status updates.
  • Whether Read Receipts are sent.
  • Who can add you to Groups.
  • Settings for silencing specific calls.
  • Who can initiate calls.
  • A privacy checkup feature guides users to strengthen account security and customize privacy settings. 

The checkup covers

  • Choosing who can contact you.
  • Controlling personal information visibility.
  • Adding more privacy to chats.
  • Enhancing overall account protection.

To start a privacy checkup

Navigate to privacy settings
  • Android: Tap more options > Settings > Privacy.
  • iPhone: Tap Settings > Privacy.
  • Tap Start checkup on the top banner.
  • Adjust privacy settings for each section as needed.

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