Google’s AI Chatbot App Gemini Ventures Into India

Google’s AI Chatbot App Gemini Ventures Into India

Google has expanded its AI-powered chatbot, Gemini App, to over 150 countries, including India, supporting English, Korean, and Japanese languages. The Gemini app, distinct from Gemini LLMs, offers multimodal capabilities across language, audio, code, and video formats. 

Google recently rebranded the chatbot, introduced a standalone app, and launched the subscription-based Gemini Advanced in India. The latest development, Gemini 1.5, promises significant improvements with less computational usage, as mentioned by Alphabet's CEO Sundar Pichai. 

This expansion aligns with the growing GenAI space in India, where over 70 startups raised $440 million between 2019 and Q3 2023, projecting a market surpassing $17 billion by 2030.

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