• Every content creator’s post or article should be SEO-friendly. But what does it mean really. 
  • Besides the information you would like to present to your audience your content should be properly prepared from the technical side.
Content length
  • Posts should be of sufficient length in order to thoroughly explain the topic. it should contain around 1000 words at least. As a content creator you shouldn’t add content just for the sake of adding it.
  • Content discovery is one thing, but if it will attract your reader and build trust around your project - that’s a totally different thing. Remember - at the end of the day your content will be read by a real people.
  • Also, content should be titled so that those interested in the topic can find it. The subject of the post should be something that people are actually seeking answers for, either through forums, social media or a search bar.
  • Target keywords should occur in the title, as well as naturally throughout the rest of the text. 
  • In order to make the content feel really natural and easily readable for your readers try not to overdo the on-page optimization. 
  • Feel free to use similar keywords, synonyms and other variations. They are known as secondary keywords. 
  • When these other words are used, it's an indication to search engine robots that the content is potentially topic relevant.
Duplicated Content
  • The content shouldn’t appear elsewhere on the Internet. 
  • It should be original. 
  • It's okay to reference other ideas but using other people's content can bring you some trouble.
  • Webmasters and content creators can be penalized if duplicate content is found on their website. 
  • In order to avoid this kind of situations you can easily learn how canonical tags can be used.
Preparing Content
  • Of course, there is no substitute for relevant, timely content. 
  • Making sure that your site is truly addressing a visitor’s needs is top priority for any content creator. 
  • The five elements discussed can make the content more discoverable; however, for the efforts to truly matter, they should be directed toward rich, relevant content.

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