• Semalt - an innovative SEO company
  • Company set-up year - 2013 
  • Team Members - 120+
  • 5 Offices in 4 Countries
  • 25,000+Active Clients
  • 300+Resellers
Our Vision
  • We inspire people to be one step ahead and bring their ideas to life.
Our Mission
  • To develop and bring our clients’ online businesses to a new level, thereby increasing their revenue and making them happy
8 Core Values of Semalt
  • Our customers’ success is the driving force behind Semalt
  • We respect and care about all our customers
  • Consistent quality comes first
  • High-tech and innovative approach
  • Teamwork is everything
  • Employee training and development
  • Strategies based on facts, not speculations
  • All goals are achievable
Our Story
  • Back in 2013, four Semalt founders were all set to create a powerful web analytics tool. Their main goal was to make it valuable for webmasters and easy to use for all website owners. 
  • Inspired by their extensive knowledge and first-hand SEO experience, they turned this idea into Semalt’s first product, the Semalt Analytics service, in October 2013. We made our first Web Analytics package sale as soon as 2 months later.
  • In 2014, Semalt’s team started expanding and soon was made up of 15 people. Meanwhile, the Analytics service was gaining momentum, with 100,000 users registered in our system as of April 2014. 
  • But we knew this was only the beginning and set our sights on new goals to accomplish. By tripling our efforts, we managed to create a truly innovative product for all online business owners and webmasters – AutoSEO.
  • While creating new products, we’ve been sprucing up our business processes, experimenting with development methodologies, and acquiring useful skills. 
  • We learned from our mistakes and those of other companies. This has helped us build a strong team of experts in SEO, web development, sales, copywriting, and web design.
  • Today, Semalt is a leading SEO company headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine. We have 120+ team members, 4 offices in 3 different countries, and successful products that we keep working on every day.
  • Our team has grown 30 times since 2013. We’re ready to welcome new people who want to bring their ideas to our friendly community while embracing challenges. “Be one step ahead” is a motto that defines our life and work. 
  • We’re proud of our achievements and rely on our leaders. Many of those who have joined Semalt as trainees are now top specialists who lead departments. Semalt always opens its doors to new employees to cultivate ideas and implement solutions together!
Semalt Plan
  • 1 YEAR - 25% OFF - $891
  • 6 MONTHS - 15% OFF - $504
  • 3 MONTHS - 10% OFF - $267
  • 1 MONTH - NO DISCOUNT - $99

Keyword Research
  • Our proprietary AI algorithm will automatically select keywords tailored to your web content to kick-start your SEO campaign. The priority will be given to the keywords that your website already ranks for in Google Search Engine Results Pages. You can also add your own keywords and select their priority status if doing so makes sense for your SEO campaign.
Link Building
  • Following your AutoSEO strategy, our system will automatically put 750 high-quality backlinks (25 backlinks per day) to your website for every month of the promotion period. 
  • These links will be placed on niche-related websites that make up our 220,000-website network. We only apply tried-and-true optimization techniques to ensure the stable growth of your online business.
Website Audit
  • Running a website that complies with Google guidelines is the backbone of a successful SEO campaign. 
  • That is why our SEO specialists will carry out a manual audit (click here to open the AutoSEO audit checklist) for every website promoted within 6-12-month AutoSEO packages. 
  • We will also provide a detailed report along with our recommendations on how to address the detected issues. 
  • If you use any of our 1-3-month AutoSEO plans or trial packages, you can get the report and recommendations with our automated Website Analyzer.
Troubleshooting Website Errors
  • If you use the 12-month AutoSEO package, you can expect our web developers to fix the errors that have been reported in your advanced manual audit  
  • Our 1 to 6-month AutoSEO plans and trial packages do NOT include this option, meaning you will need to address the issues on your own.
  • With AutoSEO, you can track the progress of your SEO campaign in your personal account. You can either download AutoSEO reports in PDF and CSV formats or schedule email delivery. 
  • Plus, your personal customer success manager will keep you updated on the results of your SEO campaign.
SEO Expert Support
  • You can always expect our SEO team and your personal customer success manager to have your back, whether your AutoSEO campaign is in its infancy or in full swing

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