How to enable New Google Lens feature that save visual search history

How to enable New Google Lens feature that save visual search history

The new feature introduced by Google Lens allowing users to save their visual search history has been highly anticipated and is aimed at enhancing user experience and convenience. Here's a breakdown of the key points regarding this feature:

Users can now save their visual search history within the Google Lens app. Previously, images analyzed by Google Lens would disappear after analysis, but now users have the option to save them for future reference.

The feature is available for Lens usage within the Google app, allowing users to revisit any image they have analyzed.

Users can access their visual search history by visiting the webpage. This webpage displays a comprehensive list of all images searched using Google Lens. Users have the option to download the images for later use or reference.

Enabling the Setting

The setting to automatically save Lens captures is disabled by default.

Users need to manually enable this setting to start saving their visual search history.

To enable the setting, users can visit, click on 'Data & Privacy', tap on 'Web &  App Activity', and then enable the 'Include Visual Search History' toggle.

Overall, this new feature enhances the utility of Google Lens by allowing users to save and revisit their visual search history conveniently. However, users should be aware that enabling this setting will involve sharing their visual search data with Google, and they should consider their privacy preferences before doing so.

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