Google confirms Pixel 8a is coming with Android new battery stats

Google confirms Pixel 8a is coming with Android new battery stats

Google has confirmed that the Pixel 8a is on its way, shedding light on the disappearance of a Pixel feature related to battery stats. In the Android 14’s QPR1 update, Google introduced an extension of battery stats, providing information such as charging cycle counts and battery manufacturing date. However, this feature vanished in the March 2024 update for Pixel phones.

According to Google's explanation on a bug tracker page, the disappearance of the battery stats feature was intentional. It was never meant to be available on existing devices but rather reserved for future Pixel models, starting with the Pixel 8a and beyond. Google stated:

"We only enable this page on Pixel 8a and beyond, so this is WAI (Working as Intended)." This confirmation not only reveals a feature that's forthcoming in future Pixels but also marks Google's first official acknowledgment of the Pixel 8a's existence.

The reason behind the feature's appearance on existing Pixels remains unclear. While the stats provided were often not highly accurate, this move suggests that Google might be planning to expand and enhance this feature in future iterations, potentially including detailed battery health information. The Pixel 8a is anticipated to debut in the coming months, likely around Google I/O in May.

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