Google Plan to Add Satellite SOS Feature for Pixel Phones Soon

Google Plan to Add Satellite SOS Feature for Pixel Phones Soon

Apple pioneered satellite connectivity with the iPhone 14 in 2022, enabling users to contact emergency services in areas lacking cellular or Wi-Fi networks. Now, Google Pixel phones may soon follow suit. 

Recent updates to the "Adaptive Connectivity Services" app indicate the emergence of the "Satellite SOS" feature on Google Pixel devices. Users have reported spotting this feature within the Settings app, nestled between Emergency SOS and Car Crash Detection options. 

The latest version (p.2024.08) of the Adaptive Connectivity Services app appears to support this new feature. The Satellite SOS functionality is expected to empower Pixel users to dispatch messages to emergency services via satellites when conventional connectivity is unavailable, such as during natural disasters or outdoor excursions where cellular or Wi-Fi signals are scarce. Users will be able to share their status or location via Google Maps in such scenarios.

According to reports from 9to5Google, the disclaimer accompanying the Satellite SOS feature outlines that connecting with emergency services via satellite will entail sharing personal information such as name, email, phone number, location, device details, and emergency contacts with both emergency services and satellite service providers. 

Additionally, screens related to the Satellite SOS feature reportedly provide links to the Garmin Search and Rescue insurance plan and list supported countries.

While the description emphasizes compatibility with "your Pixel," it is anticipated that Google will extend this feature to other flagship Android devices in the future.

Apple initially rolled out satellite connectivity services exclusively to the US and Canada with the iPhone 14, later expanding its availability to more countries. The Emergency SOS feature collects user data regarding their situation and transmits it to relay centers and emergency services for prompt assistance.

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