Apple expands self-service repair program to latest M3 Macs

Apple expands self-service repair program to latest M3 Macs

On Thursday, Apple announced the expansion of its self-service repair program to encompass MacBook Pro and iMac models equipped with the latest M3 chip. 

This initiative, introduced in 2021, empowers consumers to independently address device issues through access to Apple's manuals and genuine parts, marking a significant victory for "right-to-repair" advocates seeking enhanced accessibility to authentic components and instructions.

Apple's self-service repair online store facilitates customers' access to parts, a service previously available for earlier iPhone and Mac models. The recent extension specifically includes iMac and MacBook Pro models featuring the M3 chip unveiled in October.

In a Thursday release, Apple emphasized that the repair program contributes to prolonging device lifespan, promoting both user satisfaction and environmental benefits. 

However, for users who lack experience or preference in repairing their iPhones and Macs, Apple assures that seeking professional authorized repair providers with certified technicians using genuine Apple parts remains the safest and most reliable option.

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