Saraswati Puja 2024: How to perform Puja on Basant Panchami

Saraswati Puja 2024: How to perform Puja on Basant Panchami

Saraswati Puja, celebrated on February 14, 2024, holds religious significance, honoring Goddess Saraswati as the symbol of knowledge, wisdom, music, arts, and learning. The festival marks the beginning of spring and commemorates the birth anniversary of Maa Saraswati. 

Observing the mentioned rituals during the Vasant Panchami Puja Muhurat from 6:17 AM to 12:01 PM adds devotion and dedication to the celebration.

How to Perform Puja on Basant Panchami

The Saraswati Puja, celebrated on Basant Panchami, involves a step-by-step guide:
  • Cleaning: Begin by cleaning the house, especially the area designated for the puja.
  • Cleansing: After cleaning, take a holy bath and wear clean clothes for the occasion.
  • Set up an altar: Place an idol of Goddess Saraswati on a wooden plank, and spread unbroken rice with a kalash filled with water.
  • Invoke the Goddess: Light a diya with desi cow ghee and incense sticks, and perform Saraswati Vandana.
  • Offerings: Adorn the goddess with a yellow flower garland, apply turmeric or saffron tilak, and offer white clothes and sweets (Kheer).
  • Seek Blessings: Chant Vedic mantras, present academic materials, and seek blessings for success in career and studies.
  • Perform Aarti: Conclude the puja by performing the aarti and expressing gratitude to the Goddess.
  • Distribute bhog prasad: After the aarti, distribute the bhog prasad among family, relatives, and friends.

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