Halo Infinite Just Refreshed Its Most Neglected Playlist

Halo Infinite Just Refreshed Its Most Neglected Playlist

The long-awaited update for the free-to-play shooter Halo Infinite has finally arrived, addressing issues with the Big Team Battle mode. Previously plagued by a lack of maps, the large-scale playlist, accommodating 24 players simultaneously, often resulted in repetitive sessions on the same handful of maps and modes. 

The recent update brings a breath of fresh air by expanding the player count to 12v12 matches and introducing five new maps sourced from community creations.

Among the new maps, fans of Halo 2 may recognize Refuge, a dramatic recreation of the classic Headlong map. Thunderhead, on the other hand, offers an enormous and satisfying experience, posing the question of what if Valhalla was a superior map.

To access the new Big Team Battle playlist, simply navigate to the top of the matchmaking choices. It offers a revitalized experience for the mode, providing a welcomed break from the 4v4 Arena matches. 

If you wish to play these new maps in custom games, head to the Community tab, select "Popular Maps," and enter the names of any of the new maps in the keywords. Bookmark the ones that appear to enjoy them in custom games with other players or campaign AI.

While you can bookmark the new maps from a web browser while signed into your Xbox account, it's advisable to search for them, as some may have different variants. For instance, Thunderhead has a Heavies variant featuring larger and more powerful vehicles. 

Additionally, exploring each map owner's files allows you to discover other intriguing game modes or maps they have created.

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