Google aims to ship 10 million Pixel phones in 2024 on India

Google aims to ship 10 million Pixel phones in 2024 on India

Google's Pixel phones have been gaining traction, with the tech giant shipping an estimated 10 million units in 2023 and doubling its US market share. Now, Google is aiming even higher, setting a target to ship over 10 million Pixel phones in 2024. 

To achieve this goal, Google is pushing suppliers to commence production in India, aligning with its announcement in October 2023 to manufacture Pixel phones in the country.

The production process will begin with the flagship Pixel 8 Pro in the southern part of India, with production expected to start in the coming weeks and the first batch of phones anticipated to be ready by April-June 2024. Subsequently, production of the standard Pixel 8 will follow, with a dedicated plant planned for northern India.

While the exact production volume and the split between domestic sales and exports are unclear, this move could benefit both consumers and Google. Locally manufactured phones may lead to competitive pricing for Indian customers and reduce reliance on a single production hub, thus enhancing supply chain resilience for Google.

Google's decision to produce Pixel phones in India follows a broader trend in the industry, with tech giants like Apple also shifting production to the country. This move underscores Google's strategic approach and its commitment to expanding its presence in the smartphone market, perhaps taking cues from Apple's successful strategies.

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