Did your iPhone get wet? Apple says rice isnt solution

Did your iPhone get wet? Apple says rice isnt solution

For over a decade, the majority of Americans have possessed smartphones. Inevitably, some of us have experienced the unfortunate incident of dropping our beloved devices into a swimming pool, sink, or even the toilet.

Traditionally, many believed that placing a wet device in a bag or bowl of rice could extract the moisture. However, tech experts have debunked this as an urban myth, and Apple has recently emphasized the dubiousness of this strategy on its support site.

The tech giant now advises against putting a wet iPhone into a bag of rice due to the potential risk of rice particles causing damage. This information is part of an update on Apple's support site, attributed to a new liquid detection feature. If your iPhone gets wet, the device sends an alert advising you to wait before charging.

In response to a liquid-detection alert, Apple suggests unplugging the cable, allowing both the iPhone and cable to completely dry before attempting to charge again. Gently tapping the iPhone to remove excess liquid and placing it in a dry area with airflow is recommended. If the alert persists, patience is key, as it may take up to a day for the device to fully dry before attempting to charge it again.

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