OnePlus 12 First Look

OnePlus 12 First Look

OnePlus officially unveiled the OnePlus 12 at their event titled "OnePlus Smooth Beyond Belief" on January 23 – yes, that was indeed the event's name. After weeks of information gradually emerging about their latest phone, we finally have a comprehensive understanding of what to expect. While a detailed review is in the works, we'd like to share our initial impressions of this new flagship.


The design bears a striking resemblance to the OnePlus 11, which itself drew inspiration from the OnePlus 10 Pro. This continuity in design is relatively new for OnePlus, as the company, until the OnePlus 11, often introduced a fresh design with each flagship release. 

While some might interpret this as a sign of the company maturing, there's a personal inclination for them to venture into new design territories. However, recognizing the value of consistent design language for brand recognition, there's an understanding of why they've opted for this approach.

The front features the familiar curved screen, now with a slightly larger display, and the beloved alert slider has retained its place, although it has shifted to the left side this time, positioned fairly high on the device. 

The distinctive camera bump, reminiscent of a camera lens or a watch face, has made a return, standing out from other smartphones without being overly conspicuous.

The availability of a green color option, a recurring choice from the past, demonstrates a commendable consistency across their product lineup. Despite receiving the black variant for review, there's an appreciation for the offered color diversity.


True to OnePlus tradition, the OnePlus 12 is packed with top-notch specs. It is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, boasting up to 16 GB of high-speed RAM and up to 1 TB of storage, placing it in line with other flagship devices in terms of speed and performance. 

With a larger 6.82-inch display featuring a smooth 120Hz refresh rate, the device is equipped with a 5,400 mAh battery supporting the rapid 80W charging seen in previous models (100W outside of North America). The return of the 50W wireless charging, absent since the OnePlus 8 Pro, adds to the device's versatility.

Anticipated upgrades in the camera department include a 50MP main camera, a 48MP ultrawide sensor, and, notably, a 64MP physical telephoto 3x zoom lens – a first for OnePlus, adopting a periscope-style lens. This marks the fourth year of their collaboration with Hasselblad, heightening expectations for improved color science and impressive camera hardware.


Following the sentiment among long-time OnePlus enthusiasts and the wider tech community, the OnePlus 11 was perceived as a return to form for the company. Initial experiences with the OnePlus 12 fuel optimism for a significant step forward. 

The specifications are robust, the camera setup appears promising, and with a price tag of $799, it positions itself competitively against other flagship alternatives offering similar features.

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