Microsoft adds AI key button to summon chatbots

Microsoft adds AI key button to summon chatbots

Activating an artificial intelligence agent will now involve pressing a button, as Microsoft utilizes its influence in the computer industry to redefine the next generation of keyboards. 

Commencing this month, certain new personal computers running Microsoft's Windows operating system will feature a unique "Copilot key," serving as a launchpad for the software giant's AI chatbot.

Microsoft's strategy to encourage third-party manufacturers to incorporate an AI button into laptops represents the latest effort to leverage its collaboration with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, establishing itself as a focal point for the application of generative AI technology. 

Despite the prevailing trend of connecting to the internet and AI applications via phones, this symbolic introduction signals the onset of what is expected to be a fiercely competitive year for tech companies vying to outshine each other in AI applications, even amid unresolved ethical and legal considerations.

The forthcoming redesign stands as Microsoft's most substantial alteration to PC keyboards since the introduction of the dedicated Windows key in the 1990s. While Microsoft's four-squared logo design has undergone evolution, the key itself has remained a constant for nearly three decades.

The new AI button, adorned with the distinctive ribbon-like Copilot logo, will be positioned near the space bar. In some computers, it will replace the right "CTRL" key, while in others, it will take the place of a menu key.

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