Apple removes iOS 17.3 beta update after two hours

Apple removes iOS 17.3 beta update after two hours

Apple recently released the second beta update for iOS 17.3 and iPadOS 17.3, intended for developers to test. The latest beta brought multiple new features for registered developers. 

However, following installation, some developers expressed complaints that the update caused their phones to be bricked, leaving their devices stuck in a boot loop. This reported issue prompted Apple to swiftly retract the update shortly after its initial release.

As per a MacRumors report, iPhone users attempting to install the latest beta update took to social media platforms like X and Mastodon to report the problem. Users who endeavored to update their iPhones to iOS 17.3 beta 2 discovered their devices stuck in a boot loop, displaying a blank black screen with a frozen spinning wheel.

The report suggested that the only apparent solution to the problem was restoring the affected device, likely leading to Apple's decision to pull the update. Nevertheless, once the bug is addressed, Apple plans to reissue the beta update.

Some affected users speculated that the iOS 17.3 boot loop bug might be linked to the Back Tap setting. Developer Guilherme Rambo shared a log indicating that a Back Tap setting caused his device to crash. 

He noted that other affected users with Back Tap enabled experienced similar issues. On the other hand, some users with Back Tap enabled successfully installed the update without encountering problems.

The latest beta version of iOS 17.3 introduced the Stolen Device Protection feature, which restricts access to a user's private information if both the iPhone and passcode are obtained by someone else. 

This feature necessitates Face ID or Touch ID verification for certain actions, such as accessing passwords in iCloudKeychain, turning off Lost Mode, making purchases through Safari with saved payment credentials, and more. 

Other features requiring verification include changing the Apple ID passcode, an iPhone passcode, turning off Find My, and turning off Face ID, all with a one-hour delay for access.

Additionally, the update included collaborative Apple Music playlists, allowing subscribers to share playlists and create shared lists of songs with others. Collaborative playlists in Apple Music are user-friendly, shareable through a link, and support emoji reactions. Apple is anticipated to release the stable version of iOS 17.3 later in January.

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