Apple Vision Pro to be available from 2nd February

Apple Vision Pro to be available from 2nd February

On Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the forthcoming mixed reality (MR) headset, Vision Pro, will be accessible for purchase in the United States starting from February 2. Employing an augmented reality system, the Apple Vision Pro features a fully immersive heads-up display, offering users a diverse array of options to access Apple's renowned suite of productivity applications.

Tim Cook, while unveiling the Apple Vision Pro, underscored its significance in the realm of spatial computing. "The era of spatial computing has arrived! Apple Vision Pro is available in the US on February 2," remarked the Apple CEO. 

According to the company's website, the Apple Vision Pro can be "pre-ordered starting Jan. 19 at 5 am PST." Described as Apple's inaugural 3D camera, the Apple Vision Pro allows users to capture enchanting spatial photos and videos in 3D. These moments can then be relived with immersive Spatial Audio, providing a unique and enhanced experience. 

The release also highlights the incredible display of existing photo and video libraries at a remarkable scale, with panoramas enveloping the viewer. Moreover, users can shoot spatial videos with the iPhone 15 Pro and subsequently view them on the Apple Vision Pro.

Speaking to the BBC about the Apple Vision Pro, CEO Tim Cook mentioned the extensive research and development that went into making the product intuitively user-friendly. He emphasized that the device is designed to align seamlessly with the natural thought processes of users.

As for the price, the Apple Vision Pro, unveiled during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2023, comes with a price tag of $3,499 (₹2.9 lakh). However, the substantial cost has not been well-received by consumers, with some tech experts expressing the opinion that the mixed reality headset is not competitively priced for mass adoption.

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