Samsung Galaxy A14 5G gets price cut

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G gets price cut

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G appears to have undergone a price reduction in India, now available at its most affordable rate to date. Initially launched earlier this year at Rs 16,499, the mid-range 5G phone from Samsung now bears a reduced price tag of Rs 14,499. Furthermore, an additional sale offer discount is applicable, contributing to a more substantial reduction. Here are the particulars.

Price Cut on Samsung Galaxy A14 5G 

Latest Prices The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G is presently offered at Rs 14,499, representing a notable drop from its initial January 2023 launch price of Rs 16,499. This equates to a flat discount of Rs 2,000. 

Additionally, there is an extra Rs 1,000 off on the Galaxy A14 5G, effectively lowering the price to Rs 13,499. This promotional offer is visible on Samsung's official India website and Amazon. It's essential to note that this price is applicable to the 4GB RAM and 64GB storage variant.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G gets price cut

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G Receives Significant Discount, But Is It a Worthy Purchase? 

While the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G has seen a price reduction in India, it's worth considering the Galaxy M14 5G as a potentially better option due to its lower price and comparable specifications. 

Moreover, the camera performance on the M series phone surpasses that of the A series within its price range. Performance-wise, both phones are quite comparable. The Galaxy M14 boasts a superior display and a larger battery compared to the A14 5G.

The Galaxy M14 features the same vibrant 6.6-inch display as the A14, but with a higher resolution - FHD+, as opposed to the A14's HD+ support. Notably, the M14 comes equipped with a substantial 6,000mAh battery, surpassing the A14's 5,000mAh unit. 

It's worth mentioning that a charger is not included with the M14, but users can utilize existing chargers to replenish the battery. Additionally, the rear panel design of the M14 bears a striking resemblance to Samsung's flagship Galaxy S23, offering a trendy design at a budget-friendly price.

The Samsung Galaxy M14 5G is currently listed at a discounted rate of Rs 12,490 on Samsung's India website, down from its original launch price of Rs 14,490. Consequently, Samsung is providing a flat discount of Rs 2,000 on the Galaxy M14 5G, making it a more attractive deal compared to the Galaxy A14 5G smartphone.

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