Marvel actor Jonathan Majors guilty of assaulting ex-girlfriend

Marvel actor Jonathan Majors guilty of assaulting ex-girlfriend

During a March altercation, Majors, renowned for portraying Kang in Marvel films, assaulted British choreographer Grace Jabbari, as determined by the jury. Jabbari testified about sustaining a fractured finger, bruises, a cut behind her ear, and enduring "excruciating" pain.

At 34, Majors faces a potential year-long jail term and has been removed from upcoming Marvel movie roles. The six-person jury delivered the verdict on Monday after three days of deliberation. Majors displayed minimal reaction when the decision was announced in court, reportedly pursing his lips and looking downward.

Following the verdict, a Marvel spokesperson declared that Majors won't be involved in future projects. The incident occurred in a New York car when Jabbari saw a text on Majors' phone from another woman expressing a desire to kiss him.

Prosecutors stated that when she tried to take the phone, Majors grabbed her, twisted her arm, and struck her head to retrieve it. The jury found Majors guilty of assault by recklessly causing physical injury and harassment but did not convict him on charges of aggravated harassment and assault with intent to cause physical harm.

The prosecution portrayed the assault as part of Majors' pattern of using physical and emotional violence to "exert control" over his girlfriend. They presented voice recordings and text messages highlighting Majors' threats and attempts to control her behavior.

Sentencing is scheduled for February, accompanied by a new protection order barring contact between Majors and Jabbari. Majors did not testify, with his lawyer claiming he was the victim. In June, Majors countersued Jabbari, alleging her aggression, but prosecutors didn't charge her due to insufficient evidence.

Jabbari's lawyer expressed satisfaction with the verdict, encouraging other abused women to come forward. Majors' lawyer, on the other hand, expressed gratitude that the jury did not find an intent to cause physical harm and emphasized Majors' faith in the legal process. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg highlighted the prevalence of psychological and emotional abuse in intimate partner violence cases.

Jabbari and Majors met two years prior on the set of "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania." Marvel delayed the release of "Avengers: The Kang Dynasty" to 2026, in which Majors was slated to play the lead villain. Another film, "Magazine Dreams," faced a postponed release following the allegations.

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