Explore a curated selection of the finest smartwatches tailored for adults of any gender. Delve into our top 8 budget-friendly choices that seamlessly blend advanced features with style.

The smartwatch market under ₹35000 has captivated the attention of tech enthusiasts and those seeking to enhance their daily routines. In a world where connectivity and fitness are paramount, these smartwatches offer an ideal solution without straining your budget. 

Picture having a wrist device that not only tells time but also monitors your health, keeps you informed of messages, and tracks your workouts. That's the allure of the smartwatches in the ₹35,000 range—they bring a multitude of features within reach for a diverse audience.

Tailored for unisex adults, these smartwatches serve as versatile companions, effortlessly integrating into any lifestyle. Whether you're hitting the gym, attending a meeting, or navigating daily tasks, these devices are designed to simplify and enhance life.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the top 8 picks in the smartwatch category under ₹35,000, aiming to streamline your decision-making process. With advancing technology, these devices go beyond traditional timekeeping, offering features from heart rate monitoring to sleep tracking, answering calls to controlling music playback.

Adding to their appeal, these smartwatches boast a unisex design. No need to fret about finding the right style or fit—these devices cater to a diverse range of preferences, ensuring both men and women can enjoy the benefits they bring.

Whether you're a tech enthusiast or new to the world of smartwatches, this guide will walk you through the features, functionalities, and standout aspects of each device. Get ready to step into a realm where your wristwatch transforms into a personalized assistant, enhancing your everyday journey.

Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) [GPS 40 mm] Smart Watch

The Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) [GPS 40 mm] stands out as an exclusive smartwatch under ₹35000, offering a seamless blend of style, fitness, and safety. With a 20% increase in speed, it delivers enhanced features like Crash Detection and advanced workout metrics. 

Customizable to your taste, it comes in various sizes and colors, accompanied by numerous strap options. Boasting health and safety features like Crash Detection, Fall Detection, and Emergency SOS, this watch seamlessly connects with Apple devices, providing a stylish and responsible choice with water resistance up to 50 meters.

Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen, 2023) [GPS 44mm] Smartwatch

The Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen, 2023) [GPS 44mm] is another exclusive smartwatch under ₹35000, integrating style and functionality. Focused on motivation and activity tracking, this premium smartwatch ensures connectivity, health tracking, and safety with features like Fall Detection and Crash Detection. 

Redesigned apps in watchOS 10, coupled with the Smart Stack, offer a glanceable interface, while its carbon-neutral design and Sport Loop make it an eco-conscious choice. With compatibility with Apple devices, swimproof design, and availability in three finishes, it stands as an eco-conscious choice.

Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch

The Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch is a top pick under ₹35000, allowing you the freedom to run, bike, and hike without your phone. Built-in GPS tracks real-time pace and distance, and the intensity map feature on the Fitbit app revolutionizes your fitness journey. 

Crafted from lightweight material, this top smartwatch ensures comfort throughout the day, with wireless connectivity simplifying your life. Interact seamlessly through the user-friendly microphone input and let the Fitbit Versa 3 elevate your fitness game with comprehensive monitoring.

Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch

The Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch, an elite smartwatch under ₹35k, redefines your fitness experience. With a Fitbit Premium membership, discover your Daily Readiness Score and optimize workouts or focus on recovery. 

Offering 50 meters of water resistance, built-in GPS, and Active Zone Minutes, this smartwatch ensures accurate heart rate tracking and seamless connectivity with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. 

Fast-charging provides one day of battery in 12 minutes, offering 6+ days on a full charge. Track your sleep phases, receive a Sleep Score, and control Spotify directly from your wrist.


Experience style and functionality with the UBERSWEET® 1.04 IPS Screen Ip6 Waterproof Watch Smart Bracelet in a striking blue shade. Boasting a vibrant 1.04-inch IPS screen, this smartwatch under ₹35000 delivers crystal-clear visuals for an enhanced user experience. 

With an impressive IP6 waterproof rating, it serves as a reliable companion for active lifestyles. Garnering stellar reviews for affordability and luxurious features, this smartwatch seamlessly tracks your fitness journey, keeping you connected and offering an intuitive interface.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 stands as one of the best smartwatches under ₹35000, offering cutting-edge features to empower your lifestyle. Advanced sleep tracking technology helps plan your bedtime and provides insights into sleep patterns. 

The Body Composition Analysis monitors metrics like body fat percentage and skeletal muscle weight, while the Optical Heart Rate Sensor ensures real-time heart health monitoring. With a Sapphire Crystal display and a design 1.6 times stronger against scratches, this watch combines style and durability.

Zuzu Newly  Smart Watch

Zuzu Newly Smart Watch is designed to elevate your daily experiences. Seamlessly integrating style and technology, this smartwatch under ₹35000 offers a sleek design that complements your lifestyle. 

Stay effortlessly connected with advanced connectivity features, enjoying the convenience of long-lasting battery life. The responsive touch screen ensures intuitive navigation, and its water-resistant design adds durability to your adventures. Track your fitness goals with precision, thanks to comprehensive health monitoring and customizable multi-sport modes.

Garmin Venu Sq 2 Music/Non-Music

The Garmin Venu Sq 2 seamlessly combines style and performance as a smartwatch under ₹35000. With a vibrant AMOLED display, this sleek wearable offers a premium visual experience. 

Robust fitness tracking capabilities, including all-day heart rate monitoring, GPS navigation, and sleep tracking insights, empower your health journey. The Music variant enhances workouts with music streaming, while the Non-Music variant maintains a streamlined design. Pulse ox sensor, water-resistant design, and various sports modes elevate your active lifestyle.

Elevate your wristwear with these smartwatches, each offering a unique blend of style, functionality, and advanced features—all under ₹35000.

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