NAGISA SHIOTA: Nagisa Shiota is a fictional character from the anime and manga series "Assassination Classroom," created by Yūsei Matsui. "Assassination Classroom" follows the story of a class of students at Kunugigaoka Junior High School, who are tasked with assassinating their alien teacher, Koro-sensei, before he destroys Earth.

Nagisa Shiota is the main protagonist of the series and one of the students in Class 3-E, the "End Class." He is initially portrayed as a quiet and unassuming boy with a somewhat androgynous appearance. 

Nagisa possesses excellent observational skills, making him an adept assassin. Despite his reserved demeanor, Nagisa shows great determination and courage when it comes to fulfilling his role as an assassin.

Throughout the series, Nagisa undergoes character development and reveals a more assertive side of his personality. He becomes one of the standout students in Class 3-E and develops a close relationship with Koro-sensei, who becomes a mentor figure to him. Nagisa's unique talent lies in his ability to adapt to various assassination techniques, making him a versatile and valuable member of the class.

Nagisa is known for his signature blue hair, which is often tied up in a small ponytail, and his round blue eyes. He is often seen wearing the standard male uniform of Kunugigaoka Junior High School.

Overall, Nagisa Shiota is a well-loved character in "Assassination Classroom" and is admired for his intelligence, determination, and growth throughout the series.


Characteristics of Nagisa Shiota

NAGISA SHIOTA: Nagisa Shiota, from the anime and manga series "Assassination Classroom," possesses several distinctive characteristics:
  • Intelligence and Observational Skills: Nagisa is highly intelligent and has excellent observation skills. He is perceptive and keenly aware of his surroundings, allowing him to analyze situations and people effectively.
  • Versatility and Adaptability: Nagisa is a versatile character who can adapt to various situations and assassination techniques. He learns quickly and can apply his knowledge and skills in different scenarios.
  • Calm and Composed Demeanor: Nagisa often maintains a calm and composed demeanor, which helps him think clearly and make rational decisions even in high-pressure situations. He rarely lets his emotions get the better of him.
  • Determination and Perseverance: Nagisa demonstrates unwavering determination and perseverance in achieving his goals. He is committed to his role as an assassin and works diligently to improve his abilities.
  • Gentle and Kind Nature: Despite being an assassin, Nagisa possesses a gentle and kind nature. He treats others with respect and empathy, often showing compassion and understanding towards his classmates and even his targets.
  • Androgynous Appearance: Nagisa's androgynous appearance, with his long, bluish hair and delicate features, is a notable characteristic. This feature adds to his distinctiveness and is often referenced in the series.
  • Strong Bond with Koro-sensei: Nagisa develops a close bond with Koro-sensei, his alien teacher. Their relationship is built on mutual trust and understanding, and Nagisa often seeks guidance from Koro-sensei, who acts as a mentor to him.
These characteristics contribute to Nagisa Shiota's complexity as a character and make him a memorable and beloved protagonist in "Assassination Classroom."


History of Nagisa Shiota

NAGISA SHIOTA: Nagisa Shiota's backstory and history in the series "Assassination Classroom" are an integral part of his character development. Here's a summary of Nagisa's history:

Early Life

NAGISA SHIOTA: Nagisa Shiota was born in Tokyo, Japan. He grew up in a relatively normal family but faced some challenges due to his androgynous appearance, which caused him to be mistaken for a girl. Nagisa's physical appearance, combined with his timid nature, made him a target for bullying.

Entrance into Class 3-E

NAGISA SHIOTA: When Nagisa entered Kunugigaoka Junior High School, he was placed in Class 3-E, known as the "End Class." This class is composed of students who are considered underachievers or troublemakers. 

Class 3-E's main mission is to assassinate their teacher, Koro-sensei, an alien who has threatened to destroy the Earth within a year.

Growth and Development

NAGISA SHIOTA: As the story progresses, Nagisa's intelligence, keen observation skills, and adaptability become apparent. He becomes one of the standout students in Class 3-E, catching the attention of his classmates and even Koro-sensei.


Nagisa's Relationship with Koro-sensei

NAGISA SHIOTA: Nagisa develops a unique bond with Koro-sensei. Recognizing Nagisa's potential as an assassin, Koro-sensei takes a special interest in mentoring him. Koro-sensei guides Nagisa in honing his skills and provides him with valuable advice and encouragement.

Assassination Training

NAGISA SHIOTA: Nagisa undergoes rigorous training alongside his classmates to become skilled assassins. He learns various techniques, including combat skills, stealth, and strategy, under the guidance of Koro-sensei and their unconventional PE teacher, Karasuma.

Personal Growth and Assertiveness

NAGISA SHIOTA: Throughout the series, Nagisa undergoes significant personal growth. He gains confidence and becomes more assertive, shedding his initial timid demeanor. Nagisa's determination and willingness to take on challenges make him a key player in Class 3-E's efforts to assassinate Koro-sensei.

Final Mission

NAGISA SHIOTA: As the deadline for Koro-sensei's promised destruction approaches, Nagisa and his classmates face the ultimate test of their abilities. They must make difficult decisions and confront their own fears and doubts. Nagisa's skills, combined with his growth as an individual, contribute significantly to the resolution of the story.

Nagisa Shiota's history is intertwined with his journey as an assassin and his relationships with his classmates and Koro-sensei. His growth, both as a skilled assassin and as an individual, is a central aspect of his character arc in "Assassination Classroom."

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