• Windows 11 includes a number of new features and improvements over Windows 10. Some tips for using Windows 11 include:
Using the new Start menu
  • The Start menu in Windows 11 has been redesigned to make it more touch-friendly and customizable. You can now easily add and remove live tiles, as well as resize the menu fit your needs.
Using Snap Layouts
  • Windows 11 includes improved snap layouts that make it easier to organize and work with multiple windows on the same screen. 
  • You can snap windows to different quadrants of the screen or have them take up half the screen.
Using the new taskbar
  • The taskbar in Windows 11 has been redesigned to make it more intuitive and customizable. 
  • You can now pin your favorite apps and websites to the taskbar, as well as access them more easily.
Using the new notification center
  • Windows 11 includes a new notification center that makes it easy to manage your notifications and quick actions in one place.
Using the new virtual desktops
  • Windows 11 includes new virtual desktops feature, which allows you to create multiple desktops and switch between them easily.
Using the new Microsoft Edge
  • Windows 11 includes the new Microsoft Edge web browser, which is faster and more secure than the previous version.
Using the new touchpad gestures
  • Windows 11 includes a number of new touchpad gestures that make it easier to navigate and control your device.
Using the new voice commands
  • Windows 11 includes new voice commands feature that allows you to control your device and perform various tasks using your voice.

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