• The most popular gaming console after Sony’s PlayStation is, Microsoft’s Xbox. Gamers are always excited when a new game is unveiled. Now, most of the people use Android as their smartphone. 
  • The craze for Xbox and Android has been drastically raised. Microsoft has extended its services on mobile devices. Though their Windows Phone have the feature to control Xbox, as Android is considered as the most used Mobile Operating System, I would like to share how you can control your Xbox with Android.
  • Microsoft has released Xbox SmartGlass for Android and other Mobile operating System. The Xbox SmartGalss is very responsive that you can easily access your Xbox features right from your phone. 
  • The Xbox SmartGlass provides a keyboard feature which can help users to search and browse internet. A user can use his Xbox from anywhere just with an Android smartphone.
  • The User Interface of the Xbox SmartGlass is metro styled. As far now, Windows and their products have been furnished with such styles which has made the interface classy and beautiful. Most of the Windows users liked such interface. Also, after the release of Windows 8, people were talking most about the user interface.
  • With Xbox SmartGlass, you can not only browse internet also you can play certain Xbox games on your phone. You can also message your Xbox friends and you will be able to compare the scores and other achievements with our friends. 
  • Find your latest and favorite music and videos on Xbox catalog. You can have the full control of your music or video player of Xbox on your Android smartphone. Internet browsing has been made easy with Xbox SmartGlass. 
  • You can zoom web pages easily with your touch enabled phone. The support of keyboard has really made easier to search web.
  • Editing your profile and changing your 3D avatar can also be done from your Android smartphone. Try them and have comments here. If you have already tried, please feel free to share your comments.

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