Xiaomi 14 secures 3rd spot in DXOMARK’s camera ranking for premium phone section

Xiaomi 14 secures 3rd spot in DXOMARK’s camera ranking for premium phone section

Xiaomi 14 is scheduled to launch in India on March 7th, and ahead of its release, it has already garnered attention for its camera performance, display quality, and audio capabilities. According to DXOMARK, a renowned benchmarking site, the Xiaomi 14 has secured notable positions in each category.

Camera Rating

DXOMARK has positioned the Xiaomi 14 in the third spot in its camera ranking for premium devices ($600-800), with an impressive score of 138 points. The device boasts significant improvements in image and video quality compared to its predecessor, thanks to hardware upgrades such as a larger sensor and a bigger aperture. 

It excels in balancing texture and noise, delivering detailed images with minimal noise, particularly suitable for landscapes. However, outdoor portraits may suffer from issues like low contrast and overexposure, affecting color accuracy. 

The zoom capabilities are commendable, supported by a 50MP sensor that captures rich textures in long-range shots. Video features have been enhanced, offering accurate exposure and a wide dynamic range in various lighting conditions, although autofocus stability during scene panning remains a minor concern. 

In low-light settings, video quality slightly falls behind competitors due to noticeable noise and occasional inaccuracies in skin tone rendering.

Display Rating

In terms of display, the Xiaomi 14 achieves a score of 133 points in DXOMARK's evaluation, positioning it in the ninth place in the premium display ranking. While the display performance ensures a smooth experience across all activities, it falls short in some areas compared to its predecessor, the Xiaomi 13. 

The display exhibits inconsistencies in brightness and color uniformity, although readability remains consistent. The screen reaches a peak brightness of 2740 nits for HDR content, but it may not maintain the same level under different lighting conditions, potentially affecting visibility in bright light. Noticeable aliasing can be observed during gaming sessions, impacting the visual experience for users.

Audio Rating

In terms of audio performance, the Xiaomi 14 achieves a score of 135 points in DXOMARK's evaluation, positioning it at the twelfth place in the premium audio ranking. The built-in speakers deliver good timbre and dynamics, although there are shortcomings in low-end response and occasional distortion at maximum volume. 

Gaming playback offers the best experience, with music and movie playback performing similarly. Despite facing challenges with timbre and dynamics, the Xiaomi 14 excels in audio zoom and wind noise reduction. Voice memos record well, but recordings with the main and selfie cameras fall short of this level of performance.

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