Telegram introduces new features to enhance group communication

Telegram introduces new features to enhance group communication

Telegram has introduced a suite of nine new features aimed at enhancing group communication within the platform. These features include Boosts for Groups, which enable groups to progress through levels by means of member boosts or giveaways. 

Advancing to higher group levels unlocks premium features such as voice-to-text transcription and custom emoji packs, enriching the overall chat experience for users.

Group Stories

Group administrators now have the option to share stories, fostering interactive discussions among members. This feature empowers admins to engage members in a more dynamic manner, facilitating deeper connections within the group.

Group Emoji Packs

Groups that have reached higher levels can now select custom emoji sets for all members to utilize within the chat. This feature adds a personalized touch to group conversations, allowing for more expressive and distinctive communication.

Voice-to-Text Transcription

With Voice-to-Text Transcription, members of boosted groups can enjoy seamless communication. This feature offers unlimited transcription for voice and video messages exchanged within the group, ensuring accessibility for all members.

Special Permissions for Boosters

Admins now possess the capability to grant Special Permissions for Boosters. This grants boosted group contributors unique privileges, such as bypassing Slow Mode or other restrictions, thereby introducing flexibility and customization to group management.

Telegram Premium

Telegram is introducing Telegram Premium, providing users with exclusive boosts that can be allocated to any group or channel. Additionally, users receive additional boosts for gifting Premium, offering enhanced functionality and rewards for their participation within the platform.

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