Omega White Speedmaster Moonwatch unveiled

Omega White Speedmaster Moonwatch unveiled

Omega has finally unveiled the latest iteration of its iconic Speedmaster Moonwatch chronograph, a highly anticipated release that has captured the attention of devoted Omega enthusiasts since its sighting on Daniel Craig's wrist at a New York exhibition in November 2023. 

This new version marks a departure from the traditional black aesthetic, presenting a striking white dial that pays homage to some of Omega's most experimental vintage Speedmasters.

Priced at $8,100 (£7,600), the 42-mm hand-wound watch joins Omega's core collection of Speedmaster Professional references, offering a refreshing alternative to the classic black dial. 

Powered by the METAS-certified Master Chronometer calibre 3861, the new Speedmaster retains its mechanical prowess while introducing a distinctive dial color that places it within the realm of coveted rare Speedmasters.

The lineage of white-dialed Speedmasters traces back to the 1969 Alaska project, where Omega collaborated with NASA engineer Jim Regan to prototype improvements for watches used in space missions. 

While the original Alaska prototypes were rejected by NASA due to cost concerns, their innovative design elements, including the white dial for enhanced readability under extreme conditions, left a lasting impression.

This new stainless steel model (reference 310. pays homage to the pioneering spirit of the Alaska Project watches while offering a more accessible option for enthusiasts. 

The white dial, reminiscent of astronauts' space suits, is complemented by subtle design cues such as the red Speedmaster dial text and glossy lacquer finish, echoing the reflective capabilities of the original prototypes.

With modern features like a sapphire crystal, water resistance up to 50 meters, and meticulous craftsmanship, this new Speedmaster seamlessly blends innovation with heritage, serving as a spiritual successor to the groundbreaking Alaska Project watches. 

As Omega continues to push the boundaries of watchmaking, this latest release reaffirms the brand's commitment to honoring its storied past while embracing the future.

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