Netflix ‘Damsel’ Ending Explained

Netflix ‘Damsel’ Ending Explained

Millie Bobby Brown's latest dark fantasy film, "Damsel," has just hit Netflix, and it's far from your typical fairy tale. In this gripping tale directed by Oscar-nominated Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Brown stars as Elodie, a princess from a humble kingdom forced into a perilous situation when her new royal family seeks to sacrifice her to settle an ancient debt. 

She finds herself in a cave with a fearsome dragon, triggering a battle for survival where Elodie must rely on her own wit and resourcefulness rather than waiting for a knight in shining armor.

Brown emphasized the empowering aspect of her character, stating that Elodie is a damsel who doesn't need saving; instead, she takes matters into her own hands and saves herself. Director Fresnadillo praised the script for turning traditional fantasy tropes upside down, crafting a story that centers on Elodie's journey to becoming a strong, independent woman in the face of adversity.

The film's antagonist, Queen Isabelle, portrayed by Wright, adds complexity to the narrative. She sees herself as upholding tradition and protecting her kingdom, even if it means sacrificing princesses to appease the dragon.

In the dramatic conclusion of "Damsel," Elodie manages to escape the dragon's lair after discovering a map carved on the cave walls by a previous princess. Her father and his men attempt a rescue, but the dragon intercepts them, leading to a tragic confrontation. 

Elodie, using her father's rope, flees the cave and later returns to save her sister, Floria, who was sacrificed after Elodie failed to complete the ritual. In a bloody battle, Elodie confronts the dragon, revealing the truth about the princesses' lineage and ultimately defeating the creature by turning its own fire against it.

The film subverts expectations, delivering a tale of courage, survival, and empowerment as Elodie navigates a world where she must rely on her own strength to overcome the challenges she faces.

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