Leaked iPhone 16 Pro schematics show the Capture Button

Leaked iPhone 16 Pro schematics show the Capture Button

The leaked schematic suggests some alterations to the design of the iPhone 16 Pro. It shows the inclusion of a "Capture Button" positioned below the power button on the right side of the frame. 

This button functions similarly to the soft shutter buttons found on cameras, allowing for a light press to focus the camera and a complete press to take a picture. The dimensions provided in the leak indicate that the iPhone 16 Pro will be slightly taller and wider compared to its predecessor, with measurements of 149.6 x 71.4 x 8.4 mm.

The increase in size suggests that the iPhone 16 Pro will feature a larger 6.3-inch screen, with thinner bezels contributing to the overall larger size.

Reason for Size Increase

The decision to enlarge the iPhone 16 Pro may be due to design constraints, particularly related to accommodating the rumored adoption of the tretraprism telephoto camera from last year's iPhone 15 Pro Max.

There is speculation that the hardware for the new camera system may not fit within the existing design of the iPhone 15 Pro, necessitating a size increase for the iPhone 16 Pro.

Contradictory Information

The leaked schematic contradicts a previous leaked image from February, which showed a vertical camera stack.


As the release of the iPhone 16 series is still several months away, it's important to approach these leaks with skepticism until official confirmation from Apple.

While the leaked information provides some insights into potential design changes for the iPhone 16 Pro, it's subject to change, and further details may emerge closer to the official launch event.

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