Jio and Qualcomm confirms Affordable 5G handset under Rs 10,000 set to debut in 2024

Jio and Qualcomm confirms Affordable 5G handset under Rs 10,000 set to debut in 2024

Qualcomm, a prominent chip maker, has unveiled plans to introduce a new 5G chip tailored specifically for entry-level smartphones. This announcement follows the timeline disclosed by Savi Soin, President of Qualcomm India, during the Indian Mobile Congress 2023 in Delhi.

According to reports, in 2024, we can anticipate the availability of budget-friendly 5G phones as major chip manufacturers have successfully scaled up the technology to power devices priced around $100. So far, the high cost of 5G chips has made 5G phones largely inaccessible to budget-conscious consumers.

While chip manufacturers have primarily concentrated on producing chips for flagship and mid-range smartphones, there is a growing demand for 5G connectivity, necessitating affordable options. These budget 5G phones will prioritize delivering fast internet speeds and enhancing connectivity, addressing key challenges encountered by 4G networks.

India represents a significant market for budget smartphones, and chip manufacturers like Qualcomm are acutely aware of this. They are likely to collaborate with partners in India to develop hardware that meets the specifications for affordable 5G phones.

The emergence of budget 5G phones has the potential to prompt millions of users to upgrade from their existing 4G devices, now that network availability is no longer a barrier. It will be intriguing to observe the development of the market for budget 5G phones and its impact on consumer adoption of 5G technology.

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