Instagram introduces 15-minute edit window for DMs

Instagram introduces 15-minute edit window for DMs

Meta's popular photo and video-sharing platform, Instagram, has introduced several new features aimed at enhancing user experience and convenience. These updates, announced on Monday, include the ability to edit messages within a 15-minute window after sending and the option to pin up to three groups or 1:1 chats for quick access.

The 15-minute edit window mirrors functionality seen in other messaging platforms like WhatsApp, allowing users to rectify messages that may have been sent in error. Users can edit a message multiple times within this timeframe, with the edited message being clearly marked as such.

In addition, Instagram now offers the option to disable read receipts, catering to users who prioritize privacy. Moreover, users can save their favorite stickers and respond to text messages with sticker GIFs, photos, or videos, adding a dynamic element to messaging on the platform.

Editing Messages on Instagram DM 

To edit a direct message on Instagram, ensure that your app is updated to the latest version. Then, simply long-press on the message you wish to edit, which will bring up a menu. From there, select the edit option, allowing you to modify your Instagram direct messages within a 15-minute window.

Pinning Chats on Instagram

To pin a chat on Instagram, swipe left on the profile or group you want to pin, and select the pin option from the menu. Similarly, you can unpin a profile using the same method. Users have the flexibility to pin up to three groups, profiles, or a combination of both, offering personalized organization options.

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