How to Engage Your Audience and Increase YouTube Views?

How to Engage Your Audience and Increase YouTube Views?

Want more views on your YouTube videos to improve the visibility, expand your audience reach, and grow your channel’s success? For this, you need to use innovative strategies that adhere to YouTube’s guidelines and algorithm. 

People across the globe watch more than 694,000 hours of YouTube (YT) per minute. Thus, you need to stand out from the competitors and bring some of those eyeballs. Let’s delve into the effective ways that can increase YouTube views organically.

1. Optimize your profile

First, make sure that you have marked all the boxes of YouTube fundamentals i.e. an optimized profile. The basic YT housekeeping consists of a regular visual identity like your YT channel art, icon, etc. You must have an informative and comprehensive About section. Keep your contact details updated so that all your users and brand partners can contact you.

2. Keyword research

YT’s algorithm checks metadata to figure out what your video is all about, which categories it relates to, and who is the targeted audience to watch it. To clearly describe your video for the algorithm, use the correct language that your audience is already using when they search for it on YouTube.

Perform keyword research using Google Keyword Planner or another reliable tool to identify your primary keywords. Once you find them, use them in your video’s file name, title, description, and script.

Don’t use keywords in your video’s tags because they play the least role in YT video discovery. Using excessive tags in the description goes against YT’s policies, scams, and deceptive practices. As a result, it can affect your video.

3. Improve the search ranking of your videos

Apart from being a social media channel, YouTube is also a search engine. Thus, to get more YT views, you must invest in YouTube SEO. Optimize your videos for search so that when any user types in your relevant keywords, your video ranks near the top of the results list on YouTube. 

Understand what your audience is looking for such as inspirational videos, entertainment, or tutorials. A higher ranking can bring brand new eyes to your videos. Consider what people are already searching for to get inspiration for your new video creation.

4. Use metadata

To get recommended after trending videos, leverage metadata. Taking a cue from other popular videos in your niche can help you maximize your YouTube views. Research the most trending video of your top competitor.

YouTube’s algorithm considers several factors to decide what users might like the most. It includes videos often watched together, topically related videos, and videos that users have enjoyed previously.

Describe the topic of your video and overall category. For more inspiration, you can check out behind-the-scenes videos of your competitors to identify what keywords they use. For this, you can right-click on the web page and choose View Page Source.

Next, press Control and F ‘keywords’ to get the list. Never simply copy and paste metadata of the most popular video, instead, also think about your audience.

5. Get views from other sources

You will be glad to know that views that don’t arrive from the YT algorithm can still let you know your success with the algorithm. For this, you can get views from other sources like cross-promotion on all other social networking sites, external sites, YouTube ads, and partnerships with other leading brands, influencers, and channels. This trick not only provides more views but subscribers also, based on your strategy. 

Remember, the algorithm would not penalize your video for receiving huge traffic from off-site like a blog post. Click-through rates (CTRs) and view duration often tank when a lot of traffic comes from an external site or ads.

The algorithm simply considers the performance of a video in context. Thus, including a YT video in your website or blog can be beneficial for Google SEO of your blog and boost the view count of your YT video.

6. Create an attractive title

Whether your audience watches your video or not depends on your title. The title of your video offers the chance to impress your potential audience and YouTube algorithm. Therefore, create a well-written title between 60-70 characters with some brackets, parentheses, and numbers.

Be sure that your title holds the power to spark curiosity among viewers and correctly show your content. You can get inspiration for a title creation from the front page of YouTube. Figure out what type of videos you want to watch and identify the common qualities between all titles.

7. Focus on your video description

Just like your video title, description matters the most to maximize your views on YouTube. According to the Creator Academy of YouTube, the first few sentences of the description are more important for the algorithm and search. Thus, take the time to create a keyword-packed and perfect introduction.

The starting few lines must be interesting to users because it is the preview that viewers see when finding your video on search. Describe what your video is all about and try to keep this description between 125-175 words and include different keywords. If you don’t have any detailed description, simply give an overview of your channel and add links to your social accounts or website.

8. Buy real YouTube views

If you want to gain real YouTube views without putting in more effort, then buy YouTube views from trusted social media promotional service providers. The purchased views have high retention rates and can increase your watch time. Moreover, these views can benefit you with the monetization of your YouTube channel.

If you purchase genuine views from real users, you can rest assured about further organic increase in your view count and engagement. It is recommended to buy views from service providers who offer full support and a lifetime guarantee.


Here is all that you can do to increase your YouTube views and engagement. One important thing that can help keep your views coming is audience retention. So, use YouTube analytics to know more about your audience's behavior.

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