Google Phone launch app like FaceTime

Google Phone launch app like FaceTime

Google Meet, initially geared towards business usage, has gained popularity for personal 1-on-1 video calls as well. Now, Google seems to be exploring ways to integrate video calling more seamlessly into daily mobile communication, potentially rivaling Apple's FaceTime feature for iPhone users.

A new feature currently in beta testing is being observed by some Google Phone app users, particularly on Pixel phones. This feature presents a "Video call" chip during regular phone calls, allowing users to easily transition to a Google Meet video call with the person they're talking to, while keeping the voice call active.

For those without the Google Meet app, tapping the chip prompts users to invite them to join a Google Meet video chat.

While this integration offers a convenient alternative to third-party video calling apps like WhatsApp, its impact on user behavior remains uncertain. Whether this feature will be compelling enough to shift users' established habits remains to be seen.

Though still in the testing phase, the appearance of this feature suggests that Google may be considering its integration into the Google Phone app permanently. If successful, wider adoption across Android phones could follow suit in the future.

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