Does the OnePlus Watch 2 support wireless charging?

Does the OnePlus Watch 2 support wireless charging?

The OnePlus Watch 2 utilizes its proprietary charging puck for recharging, a common approach among premium smartwatches. Included in the box is the VOOC fast charging brick, ensuring swift replenishment from low battery to full charge. Additionally, the Power Saver mode offers an effective means of conserving battery life when needed.

To charge the OnePlus Watch 2, simply utilize its proprietary charging puck, equipped with sensors designed to fit seamlessly with the watch for efficient charging. The watch houses a 500mAh battery, providing up to 100 hours (4 days) of usage in the standard Smart Mode. Under heavier usage, such as with built-in GPS functionalities, the battery life extends to approximately 48 hours.

Activating the Power Saver mode extends battery life even further, offering up to 12 days of usage with limited functionality. Despite the mode's restrictions, essential features like call notifications, basic fitness tracking, and sleep and heart rate monitoring remain available.

The dual-chip architecture enhances battery efficiency by dedicating one chip to handle background tasks, such as call notifications and activity tracking, while reserving the more powerful Snapdragon chip for demanding applications like Google Maps and gaming. This structure aids in extending overall battery life.

With the support of 7.5W VOOC fast charging, the OnePlus Watch 2 can reach a full charge from zero in just an hour. Even a brief 10-minute charge provides an additional day's worth of usage in Smart Mode. This combination of fast charging capability and generous battery life earns the OnePlus Watch 2 a spot among the best smartwatches for battery performance.

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