BOULT TWS Z40 Ultra Launched in India

BOULT TWS Z40 Ultra Launched in India

BOULT, the rapidly emerging wearable tech brand in India, has unveiled its highly awaited made-in-India Z40 Ultra, the latest advancement in true wireless sound (TWS). Building upon the success of its highly acclaimed predecessor, the Z40, which has sold over 1.2 million units since its debut, the AI-powered BOULT Z40 Ultra TWS is engineered to offer fast charging, superior sound quality, seamless touch controls, and unparalleled convenience, catering to the diverse preferences of today’s tech-savvy consumers.

Leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology in audio, the BOULT Z40 Ultra True Wireless Sound (TWS) is poised to revolutionize the audio experience for consumers. With industry-leading features such as 32 dB Active Noise Cancellation, 100 hours of playtime, dual-device connectivity, and Sonic Core Dynamics™ integrating AI-driven intelligent voice processing for efficient power usage and exceptional noise cancellation, the Z40 Ultra delivers an unmatched audio experience right out of the box. 

Additionally, Prism Voice™ PLC, another AI feature, ensures lag-free conversations, immersive gaming communication, and enhanced call quality for seamless virtual meetings.

In addition to its leading AI features, the Z40 Ultra boasts Dual Stream™ DSP for simultaneous dual audio processing, extended battery life, swift synchronous audio transfer, and adaptive audio equalization, setting new standards in performance. 

With an impressive 100 hours of total playtime, uninterrupted audio enjoyment is guaranteed, complemented by 32dB Active Noise Cancellation technology for immersive music experiences free from distractions. 

Moreover, the convenience of Dual Device Pairing allows users to seamlessly switch between two devices with a simple tap, while its premium design blends functionality with aesthetics, establishing the Z40 Ultra as a definitive statement piece in the TWS market.

Commenting on the product launch, Varun Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO of BOULT, stated, “At BOULT, we are dedicated to reshaping the landscape of audio excellence, striving to offer our customers an unparalleled audio experience. 

The BOULT Z40 Ultra is not just another pair of TWS earbuds; it embodies an immersive journey that elevates your audio, style, and gaming capabilities. This product exemplifies our steadfast commitment to innovation, consistently delivering only the highest quality to our customers. 

In line with the current demand for personalized devices, the Z40 Ultra incorporates cutting-edge AI-Audio technology to ensure a seamless audio experience.”

The BOULT Z40 Ultra is meticulously crafted to provide users with an unbeatable audio advantage. Gamers and audio enthusiasts can enjoy uninterrupted gaming and extended listening sessions with an impressive 100 hours of total playtime. 

Lightning Boult™ Type-C fast charging ensures instant power-ups at remarkable speeds. Crystal-clear calls, even in noisy environments, are guaranteed by the ZEN™ Quad Mic ENC technology. 

Users can also indulge in superior bass and exceptional audio quality with 10mm Drivers powered by BoomX™ Technology. Additionally, users can customize their audio experience with supreme HIFI, Rock, and Bass EQ modes.

The TWS showcases a premium finish with a metallic rim for a sleek appearance, available in three colors: Black, Metallic, and Beige. For an immersive gaming experience, the TWS features Combat™ Gaming Mode, offering ultra-low 45ms latency for a competitive edge. 

Users can enjoy lightning-fast pairing with Blink & Pair™ technology, effortlessly controlling their audio and calls with intuitive touch controls. The Z40 Ultra is IPX5 water-resistant, ready to withstand any gaming or workout session, regardless of the conditions.

Pricing and Availability

The highly anticipated BOULT Z40 Ultra TWS is now available at a special launch price of INR 1,999. This exclusive offer can be found on Flipkart, Amazon, and

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