Xiaomi warns that screen protectors can damage your smartphone

Xiaomi warns that screen protectors can damage your smartphone

In a recent advisory, Xiaomi has issued a cautionary notice to users regarding the potential risks associated with liquid UV adhesive screen protectors. While emphasizing the importance of safeguarding smartphone displays, particularly those with curved screens, Xiaomi has raised concerns regarding the application process and adverse effects of these protectors on device functionality.

Liquid UV adhesive protectors, known for their ability to offer a seamless fit on curved displays, present significant risks due to their application method. Xiaomi has warned users that the liquid adhesive utilized in these protectors has the potential to seep into critical components such as physical keys, the charging port, speaker holes, and the battery cover. 

This infiltration can result in various issues, including unexpected device restarts, malfunctioning buttons, distorted speaker output, and even peeling of the battery cover's leather material.

To address potential risks and ensure an optimal user experience, Xiaomi strongly advises against the usage of liquid UV adhesive screen protectors. The company has underscored that such protectors not only jeopardize device functionality but may also invalidate the device's warranty.

In related news, Xiaomi has announced the global launch of its new smartphone lineup on February 25, with an anticipated release in India on March 7. While specific models for the Indian market remain undisclosed, the company is set to unveil standard, Pro, and Ultra versions globally.

According to tipster Abhishek Yadav on X, the Ultra model will have an initial sales volume of 1 lakh units. With pricing expected to be comparable to previous releases, the Xiaomi 14 is anticipated to start at around Rs 60,000, while the Xiaomi 14 Pro may carry a price tag of approximately Rs 80,000, catering to consumers seeking top-tier performance and advanced features.

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