OnePlus Buds 3 review

OnePlus Buds 3 review

The OnePlus Buds 3, akin to the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 but at a more budget-friendly price, exhibit minimal visual distinctions. In the realm of smartphones, they parallel the OnePlus 12R, boasting substantial value on paper. The unboxing experience aligns with typical OnePlus audio product expectations, featuring the Metallic Gray variant (reviewed) and an option for Splendid Blue.

Within the package, discover the Buds 3, a USB A-Type-C charging cable, silicone extra tips, and requisite paperwork. Priced at Rs 5,499 in India, the Buds 3 offer a more economical alternative to the Rs 9,999 Buds Pro 2. While the appearance remains familiar, the Buds 3's charging case is notably smaller and lighter, all matte, with front indicators and a rear USB Type-C port.

The glossy-surfaced Buds 3 introduce touch and swipe controls, abandoning pressure sensors. Notably, swipe gestures for volume adjustment enhance user experience. The dual-driver setup includes a 10.4mm woofer and 6mm tweeter, mirroring the Buds Pro 2. Each earbud incorporates three mics, supports active noise cancellation (up to 49dB), and offers a transparency mode.

Technical features encompass LHDC codec support, alongside AAC and SBC, Bluetooth 5.3, and fast pairing. Simultaneous connection to two devices and a gaming-friendly low latency mode are supported. 

Battery life impresses, boasting up to 44 hours with ANC off and 28 hours with ANC on, surpassing the Buds Pro 2. Fast charging is supported, though wireless charging is absent in contrast to the Buds Pro 2.

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