OnePlus Brings 3 New AI Features to its Flagship Phone

OnePlus Brings 3 New AI Features to its Flagship Phone

AI took the spotlight last year, but the focus is shifting towards AI-powered smartphones, with Google and Samsung integrating new AI features into their flagship series. Now, OnePlus is poised to join the trend. 

Despite the OnePlus 12's initial launch lacking AI features, the latest ColorOS update in China, as reported by Android enthusiast Mishaal Rehman, introduces AI-powered functionalities to both the OnePlus 12 and the year-old OnePlus 11.

The ColorOS 14 update includes an AI Summariser, capable of generating call summaries by extracting details like locations, times, and action items. Additionally, a new feature called "AIGC Remover" resembles Google's Magic Eraser, allowing users to eliminate unwanted elements from images. 

The update also introduces an "Article Summariser" for quick article summaries and 'Breeno Touch,' a functionality recognizing on-screen content for swift access to relevant services.

Presently, these AI-powered features are exclusive to the Chinese variants of OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 12. It remains uncertain whether OnePlus plans to extend these capabilities to the global versions of the phones.

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