OnePlus 12R Has UFS 3.1 Storage Instead Of UFS 4.0

OnePlus 12R Has UFS 3.1 Storage Instead Of UFS 4.0

Last month, the global debut of the OnePlus 12R included a revelation that certain variants featured UFS 4.0 storage technology. However, OnePlus has acknowledged an error in this claim. 

President and COO Kinder Liu admitted on the official forum that the 12R actually incorporates UFS 3.1 storage. This clarification also addresses discrepancies in the product listing's spec sheet.

Contrary to the initially stated UFS 4.0, the OnePlus 12R employs UFS 3.1 across all variants, offering slightly slower read and write speeds than UFS 4.0 found in the flagship OnePlus 12. Despite this, UFS 3.1 is a familiar feature on older flagships like the OnePlus 11. 

The 12R's UFS 3.1 is augmented by the Trinity Engine, extensively tested on the device, promising faster app launches and maintaining open applications for up to 72 hours. The phone is available in 128GB and 256GB storage options.

For those who purchased the OnePlus 12R, the acknowledgment of the storage type discrepancy may disappoint. However, Liu hinted at forthcoming steps for 12R owners, with details to be unveiled on February 15, suggesting potential compensation. 

Meanwhile, the second sale of the OnePlus 12R began today, offering an extra Rs 4,000 exchange bonus on Amazon, along with a Rs 1,000 discount on select bank cards.

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