Nokia phone licensor HMD to bring out own smartphone brand

Nokia phone licensor HMD to bring out own smartphone brand

HMD, the licensor of Nokia phones, is set to unveil its own line of smartphones by mid-year, marking a significant expansion of its product offerings.

The upcoming smartphone lineup will consist of three distinct categories, including two models focused on sustainability and repairability. Additionally, a collaboration with Mattel will result in the release of a Barbie-themed flip phone. Meanwhile, the Nokia brand, under HMD's license until 2026, will remain dedicated to feature phones, with a new model slated for release by May.

Jean-Francois Baril, HMD's co-founder, chairman, and CEO, expressed ambitious plans for the company's evolution, aiming to drive positive change and profitability through a multi-brand strategy. This strategy entails the development of HMD original devices, continuation of Nokia phones, and strategic partnerships with renowned global brands.

Despite holding a modest 1% market share in India, according to Counterpoint Research, HMD views the South Asian nation as a crucial market. Senior executives have confirmed plans to swiftly introduce products to the Indian market following their global launch, with a strong focus on unveiling a robust 5G portfolio tailored for Indian consumers and other key markets.

In addition to smartphones, HMD has unveiled the HMD Fusion, a novel smartphone-style device running on Android. Notably, the HMD Fusion enables users to customize their hardware accessories, enhancing flexibility and personalization options.

In India, Nokia established itself as a pioneer in local production, boasting the largest manufacturing facility in the country before its closure. Over the past three years, HMD Global has leveraged contract manufacturing partnerships with Foxconn, Dixon Technologies, and Lava International to produce nearly all its smartphone models in India. This move aligns with the company's strategic shift, making India its export hub and expanding its reach to other regions, starting with the export of the Nokia 105 feature phone.

As HMD continues its expansion, it remains committed to innovation and addressing evolving consumer needs in the dynamic smartphone market.

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