Microsoft integrates Notepad with Copilot on Windows 11

Microsoft integrates Notepad with Copilot on Windows 11

The Notepad app on Windows 11 is receiving an AI enhancement with the introduction of the "Explain with Copilot" feature, aimed at analyzing and dissecting highlighted text provided by users. Microsoft is rolling out an early preview build of the updated Notepad app today for testers in the Windows Insider Canary and Dev Channels.

With the new Explain with Notepad feature, users can simply right-click on highlighted text within the app to activate it. This action will copy the selected text and automatically paste it into the Copilot for Windows sidebar, where it will conduct internet searches for relevant information.

This marks the initial integration of Microsoft's Windows Copilot into native Windows apps. Additionally, there are reports of Microsoft developing its AI-powered Cowriter for Notepad, which could generate entire text documents based on user-defined criteria, including tone, length, and format adjustments.

While Microsoft has yet to officially announce Cowriter in Notepad, the unveiling of Explain with Copilot suggests that the app is poised to receive a series of AI-driven features in the coming year.

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