Kylian Mbappe has already signed his contract with Real Madrid

Kylian Mbappe has already signed his contract with Real Madrid

Mbabbe and Real Madrid reached an agreement, officially signed two weeks ago. Starting from July 1, the French striker will officially join the white team, as confirmed by MARCA. This marks the conclusion of a pursuit that commenced in the summer of 2017, concluding seven years later, with Kylian firmly committed to Real Madrid.

During a meeting with PSG last Tuesday, where he informed them of his departure on June 30, Kylian requested not to receive any new renewal offers. This was because he had already committed to Real Madrid by signing a five-season contract, confirming previous suspicions in Paris. 

PSG, at that point, was more interested in Kylian fulfilling the commitment agreed upon in the summer to forgo a significant amount, the third installment of the loyalty bonus, allowing him to rejoin the first team.

The negotiation's final chapter adhered scrupulously to the script by both Real Madrid and the player. Real Madrid aimed to avoid any irregularities that could lead to PSG protesting to UEFA and FIFA, while Kylian, mindful of the events in May 2022, sought to reconcile with the Madrid club's directors and fans.

In early January, Real Madrid contacted Mbappe's representatives to confirm the plan agreed upon in May of the previous year. The response was affirmative, solidifying his decision to choose Real Madrid as his destination.

During the negotiation in February, Real Madrid emphasized concreteness and clarity, no longer viewing the signing as an urgent matter. They wanted to know promptly if Mbappe would join them for the next season to plan accordingly.

Negotiations, based on the May 2022 agreement, were relatively straightforward, with some disagreements, particularly regarding image rights. Real Madrid successfully lowered these conditions, ensuring Mbappe's salary aligns with the club's scales, avoiding disruptions to the dressing room atmosphere.

Adjustments were made to the French striker's salary, making him the highest-paid player in the squad, yet not significantly exceeding the salaries of other top players like Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, and David Alaba. The sources close to the negotiation estimate a salary between 15 and 20 million net per year, plus bonuses, following Real Madrid's recent contractual relationship modality.

It's worth noting that the player's salary, agreed upon in 2022, averaged 26 million net, while during his last two seasons at PSG post-renewal, Mbappe earned 32 million net (72 million gross).

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