Jordan Vs South Korea Asian Cup Semi Final March Result February 2024

Jordan Vs South Korea Asian Cup Semi Final March Result February 2024

In the Asian Cup semifinal on Tuesday at the Ahmed bin Ali Stadium, Jordan caused a major upset by defeating South Korea 2-0. Yazan Al-Naimat and Musa Al-Tamari scored goals in the second half, leading Jordan to their first-ever final appearance. 

This unexpected victory came despite Jordan being ranked 87th in the world, while South Korea, the third-best team in Asia, holds the 23rd position. South Korea, known for their late goals in the tournament, couldn't mount a comeback against Jordan's solid defense. 

Jordan's coach, Hussein Ammouta, praised the team's performance, emphasizing their strategic approach and belief in scoring against South Korea. Al-Naimat and Al-Tamari showcased their skills, with Al-Naimat's agility and Al-Tamari's endurance playing crucial roles. 

The first half remained goalless, with both teams having opportunities to score. However, Jordan seized the lead with Al-Naimat's goal, followed by Al-Tamari's impressive solo effort. 

The victory celebrations mirrored those from the previous round, with Al-Naimat entertaining his teammates. Al-Taamari's decisive contribution secured Jordan's victory, sending their fans into jubilation.

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