iPhone 16 Pro series to offer up to 2TB storage and larger batteries

iPhone 16 Pro series to offer up to 2TB storage and larger batteries

The iPhone 16 Pro series is poised for significant upgrades, featuring larger displays with the 16 Pro at 6.3 inches and the 16 Pro Max at 6.9 inches. Notably, both models will incorporate Micro Lens Array (MLA) OLED panels for enhanced brightness output and superior viewing angles compared to traditional OLED panels.

Powered by Apple's A18 Pro chip and 8GB RAM, the iPhone 16 Pro generation introduces a storage boost option, allowing users to expand to 2TB, surpassing the 1TB limit seen in previous iPhone generations.

In addition to exclusive AI features, there are speculations of integration with Apple's recently launched MGIE AI model. The camera setup is expected to include a new 48MP ultrawide lens, and the smaller Pro model will feature the 5x tetraprism lens, a notable addition.

The iPhone 16 Pro Max is anticipated to deliver exceptional battery life, boasting a 4,676 mAh battery cell—an increase from the 4,441mAh cell in the 15 Pro Max. This, coupled with efficiency gains from the new chipset, positions the 16 Pro Max to offer the longest battery life among iPhones.

The smaller 16 Pro is also set to have a larger battery, with a prototype leak revealing a 3,355 mAh (13.02Wh) capacity cell housed in a metal bracket for improved heat dissipation.

Both models will feature the Capture button, and Apple has reportedly improved titanium processing yield while simultaneously reducing casing costs. These upgrades make the iPhone 16 Pro series an exciting prospect for users seeking enhanced display quality, performance, and extended battery life.

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