HP’s Envy Move blends laptops and PCs into a single device

HP’s Envy Move blends laptops and PCs into a single device

HP has introduced the Envy Move all-in-one PC to the Indian market, designed for the evolving needs of users who seamlessly transition between work, learning, and entertainment at home. 

This 23.8-inch touchscreen device weighs 4.1 kg and features a built-in handle and auto-deploying kickstand legs, allowing users to move it effortlessly around the house. The PC is equipped with 13th Gen Intel Core i5 processors, integrated graphics, and a QHD screen resolution for optimal performance in home office tasks, e-learning, and streaming content.

The Envy Move's design resembles an overly slender briefcase when folded, with a sleeve to store the bundled keyboard featuring a touchpad. The device prioritizes video calls with a 5MP HP Wide Vision camera, offering an adjustable field of view for group calls and physical camera shutters for privacy. 

Intel Unison integration allows seamless connectivity with a smartphone for notifications and messages. Audio technology from Bang & Olufsen adapts volume levels based on the user's location.

To enhance portability, the Envy Move incorporates sensing technology for features like auto-adjusting brightness, self-blurring the screen when someone is too close, and automatic display lock when the user walks away. Sustainability is a key focus, with over half the machine made from post-consumer recycled plastic, and it holds EPEAT Gold and Energy Star certifications.

The Envy Move is priced starting at Rs 1,24,999, offering a versatile solution for users seeking a flexible home/work/play device.

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