How to block, report unknown contacts on WhatsApp from lock screen

How to block, report unknown contacts on WhatsApp from lock screen

Phishing scams pose a persistent threat, offering cybercriminals an easy route to pilfer money or personal data discreetly. These scams often masquerade as authentic emails from banks and reputable companies. 

While email service providers have bolstered their capacity to automatically detect and thwart many phishing endeavors, the primary responsibility for identifying and evading scams typically falls on the user across most messaging platforms.

On the Meta-owned popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp, accounts are tethered to phone numbers, facilitating direct contact between users. This accessibility also makes it simpler for malicious entities to reach out. 

To enhance user safety, WhatsApp displays cautionary alerts below the sender's contact details when receiving messages from unfamiliar numbers. Moreover, the platform has introduced a new feature that streamlines spam management directly from the lock screen.

Now, whenever a message is received on WhatsApp, users will notice a conspicuous "Block" button alongside the "Add to contacts" option for such chats. However, interaction with the message, or at the very least, blocking the sender from the chat list, necessitates opening the chat.

The platform recently informed its users, via its official handle, about a new feature enabling users to block messages from unknown contacts directly from the lock screen. In a brief video, the company illustrated that if a message raises suspicion of phishing, Ponzi schemes, or other scams:

How to block contacts from the lock screen on WhatsApp?

A small arrow adjacent to the message on the lock screen will be visible.

Tapping the arrow expands the quick actions view, presenting two options: "Block" and "Reply."

Select the "Block" option to prevent further messages or alternatively, tap "Reply" to compose a response without launching the app.

How to report contacts from the lock screen on WhatsApp

Opting to block a contact prompts a secondary prompt to report the contact.

Tap the checkbox for the "Report contact" option.

Confirm the action by selecting "Block" in the pop-up window.

WhatsApp will share the sender's last five messages, aiming to refine a smart and automated spam prevention system. Notably, this contact blocking system, accessible from the lock screen, is also integrated into the notification shade.

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