Foldable iPhone or Foldable ipad - is if future for apple products?

Foldable iPhone or Foldable ipad - is if future for apple products?

Apple is reportedly exploring the development of multiple prototypes for a foldable iPhone. According to a report by The Information, the tech giant is working on at least two prototypes featuring a clamshell design that folds horizontally, resembling flip-style foldable smartphones like Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip devices.

If Apple decides to launch a foldable iPhone model, it would mark one of the most significant hardware design changes in the product's history. However, mass production plans for such devices are unlikely to materialize until 2025, as they are still in the early stages of development.

The report mentions that Apple has engaged with at least one supplier in Asia to develop components for the two foldable prototypes, which are of different sizes. However, there's a possibility that the project may be abandoned if it fails to meet Apple's quality standards.

Apple's plans involve placing displays on the outside of the smartphone and ensuring that the foldable does not exceed the thickness of its current iPhone models. This requirement has posed challenges in accommodating battery and display components without compromising durability.

In addition to foldable iPhones, Apple is also said to be working on folding iPads. Development of a foldable iPad with an 8-inch display is reportedly underway, with engineers exploring methods to reduce the crease on the display. However, similar to foldable iPhones, folding iPads are not expected to hit the market until next year.

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