Chelsea Thinks Love Is Blind Should Change the Rules After All the Megan Fox Backlash

Chelsea Thinks Love Is Blind Should Change the Rules After All the Megan Fox Backlash

During face-to-face interactions over Zoom, she bears a resemblance to "MGK's wife," much like how someone you know might resemble a celebrity: They share certain basic features, such as blue, upturned eyes and high cheekbones, but it's unlikely anyone would mistake Chelsea for Megan Fox or rush to ask for her autograph on a Jennifer’s Body DVD. However, after watching part one of Love Is Blind season six on Netflix, it's understandable why some might see the similarity.

That said, the 31-year-old flight attendant acknowledges that discussing her supposed doppelgänger on a show that's intended to focus on more than just appearances was probably not the best idea. 

Chelsea admits, "I obviously regret bringing it up, 100 percent." She explains that she overheard other women chatting about the topic in the girls’ lounge and thought it could make for lighthearted conversation on a date. 

However, she quickly adds, "That doesn’t make it okay, by any means," emphasizing that such discussions go against the purpose of the experiment. Chelsea hopes that future Love Is Blind participants will refrain from engaging in such conversations.

It's essential to clarify that this is Chelsea's only regret, regardless of opinions on her love triangle with Jimmy Presnell and Trevor Sova, her other romantic entanglements, or the emotional moments captured on camera. "I was never not myself on the show," she asserts, addressing the intense response to her storyline. "So if you don’t like me, then that’s on you. I’m doing pretty good."

In the following conversation with Glamour, Chelsea discusses the Megan Fox comparison, her approach to therapy, and how she's coping with her newfound fame on TikTok, amidst a whirlwind week of online chatter.

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