Bye, Bye Nokia: HMD Is Dropping ‘Nokia’ Branding

Bye, Bye Nokia: HMD Is Dropping ‘Nokia’ Branding
In 2013, Microsoft acquired Nokia's Devices and Services business, but within a year, Microsoft quietly dropped the Nokia brand and sold it back to Nokia. In 2016, Nokia signed a ten-year deal with HMD Global, granting them the right to use the 'Nokia' brand on smartphones and tablets. 

Recently, HMD Global, the manufacturer of Nokia smartphones, announced plans to introduce original HMD devices, hinting at a broader lineup beyond Nokia.

HMD Official Statement

Now, the Finish company has announced that it is gearing up to offer even more, including original HMD devices. Even though the company does not explicitly say that it is getting rid of the ‘Nokia’ brand, it has dropped a video titled “We’re HMD, Human Mobile Devices,” teasing phones and more, including dumb phones, “newstalgic” dumb phones, earbuds and even tablets. Its X (formerly Twitter) ID has also been changed to @HMDglobal from @nokiamobiles, and so on other social media platforms.

Reply From Makers of Nokia 

On its official website, the Finish company writes that they are “still makers of Nokia phones,” so maybe we could get some new Nokia dumbphones in the future. The company is still selling Nokia phones, tablets, and accessories and will continue to offer support. But, for smartphones, the company might start using its branding, and the first one could be released soon.


Rumours are rife that the Finish company might launch its first HMD-branded smartphones at MWC Barcelona, which is scheduled to take place later this month. The company has also teased a new phone in Blue and pink colours.

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