Apple fans are starting to return their Vision Pros

Apple fans are starting to return their Vision ProsApple fans are starting to return their Vision Pros

Some early Apple Vision Pro buyers are expressing dissatisfaction on social media and opting to return their $3,500 headsets within the allowed 14-day return window. Comfort-related issues are among the primary reasons cited, with users reporting headaches, motion sickness, and concerns about the front-loaded weight of the device. 

Some even mentioned physical discomfort, such as one user who believed using the device led to a burst blood vessel in their eye. Complaints about the device's productivity relative to its high price have also surfaced, with users expressing disappointment in its coding experience and lack of suitability for certain work tasks. 

The unique challenges of creating wearables for diverse body types contribute to the comfort issues experienced by some users.

“It’s just too expensive and unwieldy to even try to get used to the constant headaches and eye strain I was experiencing. I’ll be back for the next one.”

This isn’t surprising. Every human body is unique, which is a problem when you’re scaling wearable production for the mass market. Comfort is inevitably sacrificed — and it affects people disproportionately. With smartwatches, it often boils down to the size and weight of the case compared to your wrist. With smart rings, it’s the size of your finger. Many people are unfortunately between sizes or have issues with finger swelling. For smart glasses and headsets, having a low nose bridge can mean the device just slips off your face or fails to adequately block out light.

But the hardware isn’t the only issue. Another common complaint is the Vision Pro doesn’t offer enough productivity relative to the price. One user noted on Threads that looking at Figma screens made them feel dizzy but that the device also wasn’t applicable to their work. Another engineer wrote on the social media platform X that the “coding experience failed to convince [him]” and focusing issues caused headaches.

“If I’m not using this for productivity, and if I don’t love it for entertainment, and if there aren’t enough games to play on it - I just can’t justify keeping it,” one Reddit user wrote.

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