2nd Trailer of GTA 6 will release on May 2024


2nd Trailer of GTA 6 will release on May 2024

Excitement within the gaming community has reached new heights amid reports speculating the potential debut of GTA 6's second trailer in May 2024. Fueling the anticipation is @GTAVI_Countdown, a notable Grand Theft Auto fan account on X, suggesting a connection between the trailer release and Take-Two Interactive's final quarter earnings call that same month. Industry insiders hint at a strategic move by Rockstar Games, possibly aiming for a GTA 6 launch before April 2025.

The gaming community, intrigued by this possibility, is buzzing with discussions and expressions of excitement. Fans, having witnessed the success of the initial trailer, eagerly anticipate more details. 

While speculations circulate about an earlier release in March or April, Rockstar Games' silence since the first trailer has intensified the community's thirst for information.

Enthusiasts have flooded Rockstar Games' social media, particularly the latest GTA Online weekly update tweet, with requests for GTA 6 details. The prevailing sentiment is one of hope, as fans await updates and insight into the highly anticipated installment in the Grand Theft Auto series.

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